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ELITE Villa hill park 1/2/3/4/5/

Villa Park

At the beautiful hills that surrounding the valley's, beach, river and harbor, you will find the most breathtaking view.
The locations are excellent for the investment of luxury permanent our holiday villa's.    

Elite Investment Indonesia offers you this unique opportunity with a full service of.

1.   Exploitation contract for 70 years, our sales of the location with 100% ownership.
2.   Legal registration of your company, with 100% ownership of your company.
3.   Work permission. 
4.   Visa for 5 years, after 5 year permanent residence.
5.   Company bank account 

6.   3D project designing team

7.   Project development team

8.   Project management team 

9.   Legal support

10. government support

11. Construction permission

12. Employment screening  

Join our Elite Investment Event to discover see and feel this unique location.

Elite Investment Indonesia Location
Villa Hill park 1
Elite Villa park 1.png
Villa Hill park 2
Elite Vila park 2.png
Villa Hill park 3
Elite Vila park 3.png
Villa Hill park 4
Elite vila park 4.png
Villa Hill park 5
Elite Vila park 5.png
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