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PT Elite Investment Indonesia offers our investors a variation of investment opportunity's, from private project till government projects.



  • Dairy farm, Private investment. Location Malang

  • Chees factory, Private investment. Location Malang

  • Electric scooter assembling factory, private investment. Location Malang

  • Charge station assembling factory plus installation, private investment. Location Malang/Surabaya

  • Arema business park. Government investment. Location Malang Kepanjen

  • Football stadium. Government Location Malang Kepanjen 

  • 223Ha 7x private beach. Private investment.  Location Malang

  • 1.223ha beach area. Semi government investment. Location Malang

  • 190Ha Beach area. Private investment. Location Lombok

  • Islands investment, Private investment. Location Thousands islands Jakarta

  • Gold mining Kalimantan, Joint venture / Partnership

  • Gold mining Sumbawa,  Joint venture / Partnership

For more project information, please contact us for a complete project investment overview.  

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