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Elite beach resort 

Elite Beach

Elite beach resort will be developed by Elite Investment.
The unique concept is developed based on four pillars.

1. Promote the cultural and historical value of Indonesia

2. Economic and social grow of the locals 

3. Employment for locals

4. Respect for Nature and surrounding 

The concept 
Elite beach have a traditional gate that give you a feeling of discovery and mystery.
The parking is covert by tree's to provide shadow and a natural surrounding.
From the parking you come to the workshop and shop area, were you can discover traditional handcraft workshops with beautiful boutiques surrounded with local flowers and tree's. The workshops and boutiques are invested by Elite Investment Indonesia, and given to the locals to secure economic and social grow for the locals.
The resort have a big swimming pool with sea view, next to the swimming pool you will find restaurants and bars.
The resort have a farm with garden, run by local farmers who supply there biological fruit and vegetables to the restaurants.
The resort is build with locals, we use natural building materials, the total resort is 100% sustainable we use wind energy, solar energy and water energy to supply the resort of his energy need. 


Join our Elite Investment Event to discover see and feel this unique location.

Elite Investment Indonesia Location
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